- Risk analysis and design of resilient engineering networks >
Our group has been researching a number of topics supporting risk-based design of engineering systems:
1) analysis of the throughput dynamics of capacitated feed-forward flow-matching networks experiencing random shocks
2) use of tiered countermeasure strategies to mitigate the impact of random disruptions in capacitated enterprise networks
3) design of robust and agile pharmaceutical supply chains
4) impact of vertex fortification in the design of large-scale distribution networks
- Mitigation decision support for pandemic infectious diseases >
Our group has been working on a number of developments supporting pandemic preparedness and response:
1) dynamic predictive (re)allocation of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical resources over a network of cross-regional avian influenza pandemic outbreaks
2) impact of international sharing of antiviral stockpiles and surveillance capacity on the propagation of global pandemic outbreaks
3) use of non-pharmaceutical interventions during multi-wave pandemic outbreaks
4) antiviral resistance and design of mass pharmaceutical interventions